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Editor's Note: This blog was published prior to the transition to WebMD Ignite.

If you’re a health system leader aspiring to transform patient interactions into a modern consumer brand experience, today’s a good day. I’m excited to welcome Mercury Healthcare, a world-class healthcare marketing technology company to the WebMD team. Mercury’s impressive suite of solutions provides health systems the ability to analyze, target and precisely communicate to the right patient with the right message all while empowering their clients with transparency, performance data and demonstrable ROI.

Integrating Mercury’s portfolio with WebMD’s industry-leading content and highly engaged health-interested audience, will power and accelerate our mission to inform every decision point along the patient’s journey, from discovery to recovery. 

Revolutionizing the patient experience

The combination of WebMD and Mercury will power a transformed patient experience. One where the patient is at the center and marketers, clinicians and care managers benefit from more efficient and effective communication with patients and their caregivers. Ultimately, delivering a better brand experience that delivers better outcomes, fosters greater loyalty and improves financial performance.

Personalized care throughout the patient journey

For the patients of the health systems that WebMD and Mercury serve, we see the greatest benefit of all. The merging of these two industry leaders will empower every health system with the solutions needed to ensure each and every patient receives the care they need when and how they need it. 

The most powerful marketing solutions in all of healthcare

Scale is so critical to the success of transforming the patient experience and our combined organization is unmatched in healthcare for data, analytics and content, he numbers say it all:

  • 90%+ US Digital Population Reach - Including 83 million monthly unique web visitors and health population reach across 3500+ conditions
  • 2.2 million Physician and Healthcare Provider Reach - 2 million+ HCP on network, 785,000 active HCPs on Medscape, including 8 in 10 of US physicians 
  • 220 million+ holistic and longitudinal patient relationships - 2.7 billion+ encounters and growing through 415+ EMR integrations
  • 230,000 Hospital TV Screens - Delivering video content to more than 2,000 hospitals
  • 12,000+ Patient Education and Health Titles - multi-media, multi-language digital and print content across 26 therapeutic areas
  • 250+ Trained Clinical Propensity Models - Propensity models trained extensively over 20 years and billions of patient encounters 

Crawl, walk, run to patient experience transformation

Healthcare isn’t for the faint of heart. People like you are dedicated to caring for others and we’re here to support that mission. We’re also here to make sure you’re financially successful so you can continue to serve your community. So no matter where you are on your patient education transformation journey, we’re here to help with performance-based data, analytics, content and services. We’d love to connect to learn more about your goals and how we can help. Let’s go do great things together.