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Optimize engagement, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction for active military members, veterans, and at-risk populations.

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Improve overall outcomes and reduce the cost of care

Empower service members with clinical education before, during, and after appointments. When patients understand their condition, they're more likely to follow their provider's advice, boosting adherence to care and medication plans. Our clinical content seamlessly fits into your workflows, making it easier for clinicians to educate and engage patients. Informed, confident patients reduce expenses and minimize revenue loss from readmissions, no-shows, and non-adherence.

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Enhance the patient experience and satisfaction throughout the journey

Enhance patient engagement throughout their health journey. Utilize our HealthHub and Veterans Health Library to assist patients in making informed decisions. Streamline clinician workflows with our integrated education assignments, allowing your teams to focus on quality care and facility wellness goals. Whether serving Medicaid or military members, our clinical solutions provide evidence-based health education tailored to each patient or caregiver. We offer various integration options like CPRS or Cerner to extend education beyond the point of care and support quality and compliance initiatives.

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Improve member health and reduce Medicaid costs

Empower Medicaid members with our health education. Our personalized approach supports health equity initiatives, promoting shared decision-making and improving healthcare access and navigation. Enhance member understanding, equip them with self-care skills, and offer interactive tools to reduce avoidable hospital visits and ER trips.

Ignite on FHIR®

Deliver current, relevant member education, integrated directly in the EPIC EHR portal.

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Ignite On-Demand®

Put award-winning patient education directly into your patient workflow to support regulatory requirements and drive clinical efficiency.

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Suite of online content and digital tools that support consumers' need for clinically-reviewed health and wellness education.

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Improve understanding and engagement through interactive educational content.

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Elevate the government healthcare experience

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