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Referral Growth Analytics

Leverage unique engagement data insights to target high-value providers, improve relationships, increase patient visits, and reduce leakage.

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Doctor meeting with patient
Doctor talking with patient

Identify key service lines for referral growth in your healthcare market

We analyze engagement data insights from your market to develop unique profiles and find the key areas of opportunity based on market referral volume, referral market share, patient value, and provider loyalty for your healthcare organization. You’ll receive a curated analysis identifying service lines with high-growth potential on referrals, tailored to your market area.

Build your referral growth strategy from real-time healthcare data

Our analytics team uses a multi-factor approach to assess which service line opportunities should be prioritized. Factors in our analysis include: 

  • Market referral volume - How many referrals are happening in your market
  • Referral market share - How many of those referrals are received by your providers
  • Patient value - Does this service drive high-value patient visits
  • Rendering loyalty - Do your specialists treat these patients in your facilities
Doctor talking with patient
Doctors discussing referral strategy

Reduce out-of-network leakage with a data-backed referral strategy

Leverage analytics and healthcare data to target the areas where referral growth is most likely. Your organization will reduce out-of-network leakage by knowing which high-value services — earning the most in annual payments per patient — you should focus on to improve referral patterns. And by capturing/retaining even a 1% increase in referral volume, you could see thousands in contribution margin.

Reach high-value providers likely to refer into a specific speciality

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