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Referral Growth Targeting

Maximize your ROI by targeting healthcare professionals with a strong referral propensity using our model based on 18 months of provider-level claims data.

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Strengthen your provider relationships through referral volume growth

Referral volume is a critical driver of value. Now you can improve targeting on solutions you’ve already invested in, reaching providers who have a tendency to refer into a specific service line. Even a 1% increase translates to thousands of dollars in contribution margin. Having an additional way to reach these high-value providers improves relationships and increases patient visits.

Increase healthcare provider referrals with data-backed targeting models

Discover top healthcare referrers with our advanced claims analytics. We identify NPIs with a proven history of referring to specific service lines in the past 18 months. Providers are ranked for their likelihood to refer into 37 different specialties. Each of these providers are given a score for their propensity to refer within their state-level averages. Leverage precise outreach by customizing your targeting by:

  • Specialty
  • Subspecialty
  • Profession
  • Occupation 
  • On-sight engagements 
  • Service 
  • Location 
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Apply our referral growth models to existing media or sponsorship solutions

Our data-backed referral growth targeting models can be applied to any WebMD Ignite media or sponsorship product. These include Medscape media, BrandAlert, InfoSite, and offsite media across the web. Use with our cutting edge targeting models to increase healthcare provider referrals.

Strengthen both provider relationships and referrals

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