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Ensure better comprehension and informed decision making using comprehensive, best-in-class patient and consumer health education.

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Drive health literacy and improve outcomes

Our content is developed with an empathic, consumer-centric approach, employing multimedia and multiple languages to ensure optimal understanding. It focuses on diversity, ethnicity, and inclusion to support relatability, while aligning with patient and member preferred methods of learning.

Content standards

We have more than 25,000 pieces of health education content, each going through rigorous processes to ensure accuracy and accessibility.

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Take advantage of learning journeys — specific content delivered in a set sequence. These journeys will help drive health literacy, increase consumer satisfaction, and improve health outcomes with measurable ROI.

Support shared decision making and accommodate different learning styles

Help patients and members better understand their care and make more informed health decisions with multimedia education to meet their needs. We provide thousands of patient and member education titles in a variety of formats to accommodate different preferences and learning styles, including digital, video and print. All content can be distributed via omnichannel solutions within your clinical or other workflows.

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Digital Clinical Collection

Our HealthSheets teaching pages and Exit-Writer patient discharge instructions — from Krames by WebMD Ignite — and other educational content can be distributed through our Clinical Solutions.


Video education delivered online or via television, designed to navigate a condition or procedure from diagnosis through treatment, discharge, rehabilitation, and recovery.

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Krames Store

Print education can be extremely beneficial to patients as they learn about their condition and treatment recovery options. Our HealthPrints educational content can be purchased directly from our e-commerce store.

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Our comprehensive print education collection with more than 500 titles covering 20 therapeutic areas.

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Facilitate self-directed learning

With most consumers starting their health care journey online, your organization can be a trusted resource by sharing evidence-based, engaging multimedia articles and interactive tools to help consumers make informed decisions.



Evidence-based and engaging multimedia articles and interactive tools available for use in our HealthHub solution.

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Provide two-way, interactive consumer education

Healthcare consumer comprehension and retention are challenging for healthcare providers, while limited in-person visits often leave patients wanting more. Interactive technology, utilizing closed AI, helps greatly by engaging people with content in ways they can understand and remember.



Our interactive platform with AI-powered health assistants guide patients and members through WebMD Ignite content.

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Customized content

Customize your content

Leverage your organization’s existing content and develop tailored education specific to your needs. We can work with you to create content specific to your organization's most sought-after or complex service lines. Or take advantage of our pre-existing content. We can customize it to match your brand's distinct voice and look.

Create new content

Our expert editorial staff develops, reviews, and designs evidence-based content to provide clear explanations.

Customize existing content

Take advantage of tools that enable customization of our WebMD Ignite content. Additionally, you can include, manage, and distribute your own content within our Clinical Solutions.

Use content to educate —and motivate—healthcare consumers 

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