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Direct to Patient Automated Education

Improve patient education efficacy and care plan adherence. Direct to Patient Automated Education expands education beyond the point of care, in the platforms and modes that patients and clinicians prefer.

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Automate timely patient education outreach beyond the point of care

Direct to Patient Automated Education automatically triggers timely, personalized WebMD Ignite patient education and medication savings at critical moments. Sent via text or patient portal, these messages inform, empower, and activate patients in their care journey.

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Incorporate automated outreach into existing workflows

We partner with messaging and digital outreach partners, like Artera. Organizations using Artera as their patient communication platform can deliver WebMD Ignite’s expansive patient education and medication affordability programs through their existing communication channels.

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Reduce burden on clinicians by streamlining patient outreach

Automated outreach ensures patients receive the information they need — when they need it — while the zero-click workflow reduces burden on clinicians. Education is triggered by markers in the patient record. No intervention is needed by the clinician.

Help patients save on medications with prescription discount cards

By incorporating WebMDRx, Direct to Patient Automated Education also shares timely medication savings and prescription fill/refill reminders. The WebMDRx program includes cost savings on both branded (often highly priced) and generic medications — covering more than 2,000 of the top prescriptions. Savings cards are accepted at pharmacies nationwide and cover thousands of different medications.

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Extend the value of WebMD Ignite’s industry-leading health education content

WebMD Ignite offers an award-winning, multimedia content collection — including illustrated patient education handouts, medications sheets, emergency discharge instructions, and health education videos. This content is created to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. Direct to Patient Automated Education extends the use of WebMD Ignite’s industry-leading content and supports patient-provider connectivity beyond the point of care.

Leverage automated outreach to improve patient education

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