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WebMD Choice Awards

WebMD began awarding hospitals and health systems the WebMD® Patient Choice Award and Medscape® Physician Choice Award in 2021. The awards program identifies the “best in class” health systems in a local region from a consumer perspective, at the point in which that patient and/or loved one is actively seeking care for a specific condition. In addition, it identifies healthcare providers' perspectives on which health systems in their area they consider to be best for care. This unique vantage point is the first of its kind in the healthcare industry. The WebMD Patient Choice Award, Medscape Physician Choice Award, and WebMD Elite Choice Award selects health systems based on consumer and healthcare provider preferences in 28 regions across five specialties: Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Neurology, and Gastroenterology.

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How WebMD Choice Awards can help your brand

Build your brand by showcasing the preferences of patients and healthcare providers.

Patient acquisition

Utilize the preference for your hospital in service line marketing programs in the markets you serve. Use award badges in your ad creative for digital ads, social ads, social posts, print, and direct mail.

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Brand promotion

Align your brand with the most trusted consumer and healthcare provider brands in health. Use award badges in brand awareness programs including on your website, out of home advertising, facility signage, foundation fundraising, and recruitment.

Patient engagement

Let patients know they’re in good company with recognition chosen by other patients from a brand they trust. Use award badges in waiting rooms, patient rooms, patient portal, and email.

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Media outreach

Bolster your reputation by creating unique local news stories demonstrating patients’ preference for your brand. Use awards and award badges in press releases, news stories, and with reporters.

Community engagement

Leverage a trusted consumer brand to help tell stories about the preference for your patient experience. Use award badges in social media, newsletters, and at community events.

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Award usage guidelines

Read about the terms and conditions for the WebMD Patient Choice, WebMD Elite Choice, and Medscape Physician Choice Awards.

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