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Analytics Solutions

Pinpoint opportunities in your market, measure and optimize performance to drive high value growth, improve campaign success, and reduce inefficient spends.

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Reveal better insights with best-in industry healthcare data

Elevating strategy starts with access to high-quality data. WebMD Ignite ingests demographic, clinical, interaction, web, campaign, and market information — leveraging a curation of first- and third-party sources — to cleanse, standardize, and create a high-quality source of patient, consumer, and provider information. The overlay of advanced predictive analytics and market intelligence provides a unique perspective on opportunities within and outside of your organization.

WebMD Ignite analytics stand apart for our:

Breadth and Depth

We curate first- and third-party data, including 2.7B encounters via 400+ EMR feeds and a national consumer directory, to create robust individual profiles with more than 650 data points.


Clinical propensity scores are continually refreshed against the latest information available to pull the most qualified targets.

Transparent results

Retroscore technology shows how well the models predicted actual volumes based on a snapshot in time. Scores are currently maintained on over 60M active patients and 180M consumers.

Large selection

Predictive intelligence for 250 clinical conditions are trained through application by healthcare organizations using precision measurement techniques. Our selector tool chooses the right model based on your objectives.

Ease of use

Analytics are embedded in workflows, so non-technical users benefit from advanced machine learning, either self-serve or through consultants. Our modeling service has more than 99.9% uptime.

Compounding power

Analytics are optimized from more than 20 years of use, leveraging learnings and data from 266M patient relationships.

Accelerate growth with unparalleled predictive models

With data-backed insights and real-time performance intelligence, you’ll comprehend (and visualize) consumer need, market share, provider alignment, and competitive dynamics for improved near- and long-term financial impact. Our data science and analytics expertise features the longest-running, continuously learning predictive models in healthcare — spanning across 250 clinical conditions. The breadth and depth of data run against years of optimizations, leveraged learning techniques, and the precise experience of data scientists.

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Leverage consumer healthcare analytics that continually optimize

Model accuracy depends on the quality and quantity of the data they’re run against, years of real-world use, selection of data science techniques, and the experience of data scientists who build them. Each time our healthcare analytics solution runs against our expanding repository of curated data, the output is further optimized. 


Market Planner Insights

Unlock top market opportunities and integrate strategy with precision analytics.

Audience Insights

Pinpoint the right audience and maximize the effectiveness of engagement efforts.

Campaign Performance Insights

Optimize campaign performance and attribute accurate clinical and financial outcomes.

Consumer IQ

By using clinical, demographic, and socioeconomic data, we classify every individual in your market into one of nine universal healthcare segments.

Retention IQ

Understand which segments of patients become dormant with your organization and how to keep them engaged.

Referral Growth Analytics

Identify your top service opportunities to improve referral patterns and reduce out-of-network leakage.

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Provider Suite Analytics Module

Unique health data insights to identify growth opportunities and inform healthcare provider marketing strategies.

Unlock market dynamics and top growth opportunities

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