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Educate health consumers through engaging printed content.

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Inform consumers through comprehensive print education

HealthPrints is an extensive print education collection with varying levels of customization designed to support health equity, shared decision-making, compliance, and health-focused marketing initiatives. HealthPrints addresses a wide range of topics including procedures, diagnosis, rehabilitation, long-term management, prevention, and wellness.

Empower health consumers through actionable health content

When consumers are educated, they feel empowered to take control over their health. Elevate health communication and engagement with strategic use of ready-to-go educational materials. They are designed to promote awareness of specific health issues, encourage healthy behaviors, and motivate individuals to proactively improve their well-being.

Printed Health Content
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Focus on health literacy and diversity, inclusivity, belonging, and accessibility

All HealthPrints content is designed to be engaging and easily comprehensible. Our patient educational materials feature diverse photos, full-color artwork, and health literacy-focused writing with inclusive language. We provide options in both English and Spanish, between a 5th- to 8th-grade reading level. Catering to diverse learning preferences, print plays a vital role in comprehensive healthcare education and ensures accessibility to health information.

  • 94% of patients express a desire for more print patient educational materials 
  • 50% of patients admit to having trouble understanding verbal instructions from their healthcare providers 
  • 36% of adults in the U.S. have low health literacy

Addressing these challenges with print solutions boosts satisfaction, engagement, health outcomes, health literacy, equity, efficiency, and care quality, reducing costs and improving population health. WebMD Ignite is committed to specific content guidelines. Please refer to our Content Standards to learn more.

Access a comprehensive range of educational content

HealthPrints offers over 500 titles that cover 20 specialty areas, including cardiology, diabetes, general surgery, mental and emotional health, prenatal and maternity, and more. Our experts create timely, clinically validated patient education that also meets changing environments (the latest viruses or other health issues) and evidence-based standards (URAC, NCQA, HEDIS, and Star Ratings).

Print formats include:

  • Book 
  • Booklet 
  • Brochure 
  • Cards 
  • DVD 
  • FastFacts 
  • FastGuides 
  • Kit (Workbook/DVD set) 
  • Map 
  • Poster 
  • Tearsheet 
  • Wallet card
Print Format options
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Elevate your print pieces with customization

HealthPrints is a highly adaptable education solution for both patients and members, catering to your organization's specific needs and branding requirements. Whether you need a base offering with varying levels of customization, fulfillment options, or bindery capabilities, our solution can be built to scale. We can redesign existing HealthPrints materials or create new materials from scratch. We cover all custom content areas, including:

  • Copywriting 
  • Design aligned with your brand 
  • Translations 
  • Print and digital, including templated and interactive deliverables

You can apply your unique branding, program details, calls-to-action, and more.

Maximize the benefits of HealthPrints with print packs

Experience the convenience of our pre-bundled print packs, designed to provide your organization with quick and efficient access to essential print resources. Each print pack offers four to 10 of our most popular titles, with 50 units per title, ensuring you have the materials you need in bulk. Enjoy easy ordering and cost savings with this exclusive option.

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Track and measure engagement with HealthPrints/Engage

Revolutionize your outreach with HealthPrints/Engage: a cutting-edge, multichannel solution seamlessly merging print and digital experiences. Harness measurable engagement and tracking through strategically placed QR codes with compelling calls-to-action. Direct users from selected HealthPrints to tailored landing pages featuring related videos and digital health information, creating a multi-modal learning experience. Leverage monthly metrics for actionable insights, empowering your team to optimize print ROI and enhance your health outreach strategies. Ensure brand visibility on designated areas of HealthPrint/Engage materials and landing pages to boost brand awareness.

Purchase HealthPrints directly

Our HealthPrints educational content can be purchased directly from our e-commerce store, Krames Store, or in larger quantities through our Sales teams.

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Put the power of print in the hands of health consumers

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