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Engage, inform, and put patients at ease during times of stressful decision making with education and answers from trusted resources.

TV advertisment

In-hospital waiting rooms and at bedside

Hospital point-of-care advertising allows you to reach patients after a life-changing event or surgery when your target audience is open to information and ready to take action to improve their health.
On-air advertising capabilities include:

  • 24/7 in-room patient education across five closed-circuit TV channels
  • Channels are the in-room TV default in many locations
  • 180,000,000+ screens nationwide
  • 30- to 90-second advertisement spots
  • Ability to target condition-specific content
  • :05 to :15 billboard or bumper sponsorship opportunity

Hospital TV Channels

We're revolutionizing the in-hospital patient experience and moving patients to better outcomes. 


WebMD TV, our waiting room and in-room channel, provides deeply moving health content that inspires and connects with individuals, leading to patient resilience during treatment and after. Engage and relax patients, while reinforcing hospital initiatives.

WebMD TV Patient Channel is the largest health education television network used by hospitals today. It informs patients, their families, and caregivers with empowering content. Subject matter is developed and reviewed annually by leading medical experts, ensuring accuracy and relevancy.

WebMD TV Patient Channel provides programming on diabetes, orthopedics, cardiology, pulmonology, oncology, quality of care, and wellness. It can help drive awareness and direct patients to speak with their in-hospital providers.

HeartCare Channel

The HeartCare Channel is an in-hospital cardiac patient channel focusing on recovery from heart-related events. From heart attack recovery and medication adherence to AFib and cholesterol management, the HeartCare Channel is recommended by cardiac providers to their patients and caregivers.

Developed in partnership with the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, our HeartCare Channel supports heart and stroke patients with high-quality educational programming. You can also target cardiac patients by specific disease type with contextual targeting.

WebMD TV Newborn Channel

We engage with 3.5 million expecting and new moms annually. Our prenatal and maternity education allows you to reach new and expecting moms at the point of birth.

WebMD TV Newborn Channel is a valuable resource for parents from pregnancy and delivery through post-discharge, providing the necessary knowledge to improve maternal health.

WebMD TV Newborn Channel is loved by CPG, OTC, pharma, and anyone looking to reach a new mom during the life-changing perinatal moments.

Features and benefits

Our programming on hospital room TVs is effective. We have the largest patient education network, reaching over 12 million patients and caregivers in-hospital annually. Results are impressive:


of patients are interested in hearing about products to improve their health.


of viewers found that programs and health-related content on hospital TVs helped them to better understand their health.


of viewers watched programming when it was recommended by a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professional.


of hospital patients take action based on information from ad messaging.


Patient benefits

Our in-room programming enables patients to easily access condition-specific educational content, better navigate complex hospital systems, and improve engagement in their own health journeys, improving their outcomes.


Built for integration

Advertising on hospital TV allows you to reach patients inside the hospital walls, but consider a fully integrated approach.

TVs are just one of the many ways clinicians utilize our patient education. Adding your video and display ads to our digital platforms allows patients access to information from their own devices in the hospital and post-discharge, keeping your brand top of mind.


Improve your end goal

In-hospital TV has the power to influence action. Patients are more likely to purchase a product after seeing an ad for it in the hospital, and the vast majority of patients said they were interested in learning more about their condition. In a third-party research study, we found that:

  • 68% of respondents are more interested in talking to their doctor about a medication that they see advertised.
  • 67% of patients became interested in learning more about a prescription drug they saw advertised.
  • Patients are 2x more likely to fulfill prescriptions at the hospital pharmacy.


Other Hospital Point-of-Care media touchpoints


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Print advertising

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