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Activation Network Connected TV

Reach your target audience at the individual level with zero ad spend waste through Connected TV (CTV).

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Make sure your most valuable audiences see your messaging

Connected TV  has emerged as an effective advertising channel due to its ability to more efficiently drive brand awareness. By combining the scale and influence of a linear TV buy with the precision and personalization of digital targeting, healthcare organizations can reach their target audience with zero waste. Activation Network Connected TV provides:

  • Laser-focused targeting of your exact consumer and healthcare provider (HCP) audiences
  • Accurate and real-time tracking to connect your campaign to results
  • High recall with guaranteed impressions for maximum brand impact
  • Unskippable, sound-on advertising for engaging, emotive storytelling

Pair Connected TV with our healthcare database for optimized targeting

Our solutions help healthcare marketers reach their audiences with a unique database designed for healthcare. Featuring a consumer health risk database that includes 70+ individual attributes, with the predictive power of 250+ clinical conditions. Models are made up of basic demographics, social data such as lifestyle and education, and clinical data with encounters and family history.

Our provider database is made up of 3.2M validated healthcare professionals, allowing for deterministic and consent-based audience targeting. We can reach healthcare professionals by speciality or profession or 1:1 at the NPI level.

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Learn how our CTV solution generates the right impressions 

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