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It's common for health plan clinical teams to face challenges in engaging at-risk populations with chronic conditions. Typically, finding resources to effectively engage these members on a personalized level has proven to be quite challenging. Great news for health plan care managers: you have a formidable ally in your quest to engage and educate members, actively involving them in their own health. 

WebMD Ignite is introducing HealthHub Interactive, a suite of three technology-driven content solutions tailored specifically for health plan clinical teams. They give health plans the ability to reach members with customized content to uniquely influence their behavior. In other words, elevating your care management programs is now as easy as 1-2-3. 

Good thing #1: HealthHub helps you create stronger relationships with your members. 

Gain access to thousands of articles, images, interactive tools, videos, and condition-specific structured learning experiences through HealthHub. This empowers insurers to connect with and involve members, enabling them to take proactive steps to make informed decisions regarding the next appropriate actions in their healthcare journey. 

These resources support and scale care management programs through specific member education or marketing efforts, which can also help drive member retention. HealthHub makes it effortless for you, equipped with ready-to-post social media content, infographics, customizable blog posts, recommended articles, and more. 

Bonus: You can leverage the powerful analytics that come with HealthHub, allowing your organization to create strategies that boost your HEDIS scores or Star Ratings. What care manager doesn’t want to play a leading role in that success? 

Good thing #2: HealthAdvisor engages members, getting them to actively participate in their own health. 

Thanks to HealthAdvisor, health risk assessments have risen to a new standard.You can now provide members with easy-to-use, evidence-based assessments that help them identify, manage, and potentially prevent risk-factors for a variety of diseases. Better still, unlike traditional HRAs, ours provide a friendlier, less clinical tone, with positive, empathetic, and inclusive language around gender identity, race, and ethnicity. 

HealthAdvisor assessments are available across a broad range of specialties and conditions. They help members gain a deeper understanding of personal risk factors, as well as proactive next steps they can take to achieve better health. Each title includes a health status assessment with scoring logic and tailored calls to action. 

Bonus: HealthAdvisor also has a dashboard that provides HIPAA-compliant access to member performance metrics. These assessments allow your organization to identify the individuals most in need of care, leading to more timely interventions and better outcomes. 

Good thing #3: HealthInteractive keeps your members informed outside of clinical experiences. 

HealthInteractive is a personalized, self-directed, and interactive tool that uses trusted content to help members learn and make health decisions outside of a clinical encounter. It combines WebMD Ignite’s industry-leading member education with HIA’s Aivio™, which educates members using two-way, interactive technology featuring avatars. These digital health assistants guide members through WebMD Ignite content, providing them a private and welcoming environment to ask their questions — some they might not feel comfortable asking a human — and get important answers the moment they need it. These digital assistants are available any time of day, seven days a week. 

Bonus: HealthInteractive provides essential member education both before or after a procedure or appointment, helping organizations like yours reduce costly in-person appointments and nurse line calls. It is ideal for supporting payer care management programs. 

Even more good things are coming. 

The depth and breadth of the content available through HealthHub Interactive is truly unmatched, but it’s about to become even stronger. By recently joining forces with Healthwise, WebMD Ignite will be adding additional content, technology, data, and AI to our resources. This combination provides even more power to your health plan clinical programs. 

It’s important to note, while the solutions within HealthHub Interactive are engineered to deliver compounding value by working collectively, each application can offer truly unmatched value for your care management programs. Learn more about WebMD Ignite’s comprehensive solution to nurture and engage members through education. Read more about our solution here.