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The life of a health plan marketer is a complicated one indeed. You’re responsible for acquiring the right members by targeting, engaging, and converting individuals as they seek coverage. It’s a difficult job made even harder by the increasing proliferation of digital channels. How can you know if you’re even reaching the right individuals? And then there are budget considerations. Health plan marketers are not only being asked to do more with less, but also expected to prove that what they’re doing actually works.

Here’s the good news: Now you (finally!) have a strategic growth partner on your side. WebMD Ignite provides a solution – we call it Edge Activation – that gives health plans the ability to reach their target audiences, influence them throughout their journey, and impact them with thoughtfully placed media. Edge Activation will actually reduce your front-end operating costs, while demonstrating indisputable ROI.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what granting wishes is all about!


Wish 1: I wish there was a way to make member acquisition easier.

Edge Activation is our conversions as a service solution that allows you to meet and solve for smarter health plan member acquisition, reaching the right audiences with relevant messaging when and where they prefer. How is that possible? It’s our reach, breadth, and depth of data. 

Our national consumer health risk database includes 70+ individual attributes, with the predictive power of 250+ clinical conditions. Models consist of basic demographics, social data such as lifestyle and education, plus clinical encounter data and family history. We continually refine and train our models from our 95M+ annual health-focused consumer engagements.

Leveraging these models allows us to engage at the onset of the member journey via a full multitude of digital channels. We provide exclusive access to premium and sponsored content on contextually relevant, robust, high-quality publisher websites, crafting the creative, messaging, landing pages, HRAs, call tracking, and online forms that pinpoint quality leads ready to convert.

Just like that, the guesswork of acquiring members is gone!


Wish 2: I need to do more with my current budget.

Edge Activation works as hard as you do. We are able to take the risk out of member growth by providing guaranteed, qualified leads at scale, based on an upfront cost per lead. This is member acquisition efficiency at its finest. That’s because there are never any agency fees or commissions. So there's absolutely no risk of budget overages.


Wish 3: I need to prove what I’m doing is working and profitable. 

Health plan marketers know their value to the organization, but it never hurts to let the C-suite in on the secret. With Edge Activation, we’re so confident in our ability to predict and capture that member leads are guaranteed! Better still, returns on investment occur within a matter of weeks.

By delivering measurable results, you can have confidence in your ability to acquire members and achieve your growth goals. It also allows you to stay focused on additional high-value business activities, making it a win-win for all involved.

Wish your health plan had a competitive edge? Learn more about Edge Activation here.